Product Branding & Development

Before websites, business cards, and social media, it all starts with a brand.  Every company has a brand whether it is intentional or not, and we are here to bring purpose and an established trademark to your company whether it already exists or not.  We offer full service branding and product development solutions including full logo design that is congruent with your vision, values, and solutions.  Our branding also extends into integrating your brand with your products and services including professionally customized graphic design and social media branding.  While you may have a great logo, we want to create a voice for your company on the internet that is clear, consistent, and contagious.

Concept Design

The practical creative process of any company, product, or service originates with concept design.  Have an idea for your next innovation or perhaps want to see a sketch of a new logo concept?  Our concept designs give you the luxury of visualizing your idea before investing thousands or millions of dollars.  A concept design is not bound by the ties of typical branding such as a current logo, banner, or heading.  It is a visual exploration that can be shared with co-executives and decision makers to reveal options with limitless possibilities.  In practical terms, it is also a new perspective in testing whether the logo, concept, or idea is useful or possible.  Allow our graphic designers to synchronize your thoughts onto paper.

Logo Design

Companies that invest heavily into branding understand the importance of a great logo that is congruent with their brand.  We believe it is one of the most important aspects of your business image regardless of your size, target audience, and marketplace position.  Your logo is the one element that is consistently found in your branding regardless if it is meant for direct marketing or not.  The idea that logos and branding have been used interchangeably is unfortunate as they both carry unique characteristics while also relying on each other.  Your logo itself should tell a story while remaining clear and precise.  A high quality logo is distinct, versatile, memorable, timeless, and relevant.  At Big Market SEO, we take in all of the characteristics and aspects that are required in a professional logo.  Whether you need a new logo or need to revamp your existing logo, our graphic designers are capable of creating practically any design or idea you have for a logo while providing professional feedback on what is practical and what breaks the general rules of great logo design.

Business Cards

Business cards will always be a great marketing tool when used properly.  Because it is often a first impression opportunity and one of the least expensive marketing assets that one can have, why wouldn’t you want to have a professionally designed luxury business card?  The unfortunate component of business cards is that everyone has them.  They are saturated and overpopulated in public venue cash registers, coffee shop bulletin boards, and personal wallets.  What is great is that the mass majority purchase the cheapest business cards they can find on the internet and have a very generic look.  This means that on the rare occasion that one discovers a luxury business card, it is a great first impression.  While there are various philosophies on what makes a great business card design, the truth is that there is one primary purpose of a business card and that is to share your contact information so that a prospect reaches out to you.  Our graphic designers put a lot of thought and effort into designing a dynamic, clean business card that business owners and employees are proud to show off.

Social Media Branding & Development

Every day that passes, businesses are realizing they are leaving a substantial amount of capital on the table by not being directly involved in social media.  Social media has become a great resource and asset for companies that choose to use it because of the ability to spread brand awareness like never before.  Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, and more give companies the opportunity to market directly to their target audience when their audience is most comfortable.  The secret of social media marketing isn’t simply being on social media, however.  There are certainly social media etiquettes when it comes to invading the private space of consumers.  A great balance of interaction, interesting content, and consistency is important in order to maximize social media as a tool.  Most companies that jump onto social media platforms without direction never see the potential that they could had they consulted with experts who know what works and what can backfire on social media.  We take your social media presence seriously as we strive to offer both intriguing interaction with your viewers as well as a competitive edge.  We give your business a professional branding image and post relative content on your behalf that your target audience would enjoy viewing.

Custom Website Graphics

While having a fully customized and dynamic website is vital to your website development, the overall website design is also important to convert traffic into remaining on your website.  A dynamic website with custom tailored graphics and media that is congruent with your logo and branding helps to present your products and solutions in a favorable way.  The important of a website is no longer in simply being on the internet, but now it’s the presentation of your website.