5 Great Tips on How To Build Twitter Followers

5 Great Tips on How To Build Twitter Followers

How to Build Twitter Followers for Business

So, before I show you how to build twitter followers for your business, it’s important you know why it’s valuable to get involved in Twitter in the first place.

There are a lot of outdated statistics out there from 2012 and 2013, so here are some fresh statistics from 2015.  Here are the top 3 social media sites as of March 2015:

3. LinkedIn: with 255,000,000 Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

2. Twitter: with 310,000,000 Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

1. Facebook: with 900,000,000 Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors (Holy Cowabunga Dude)

Now, after seeing those numbers one of two things may be happening to you.  Either you cannot simply comprehend those numbers and write them off as superfluous statistics, or you see these numbers as what they actually are;  a potential audience that your business should be reaching.  We like to think our readers mouths are bigger than their stomachs and agree that tapping into an audience of a 1.4 cumulative billion visitors is a good idea, and we’re here to hand out a few nuggets of knowledge to get you started down the path of Twitter greatness.  We’ll cover tips for other social media platforms of course, but one with a highly active and interactive community is Twitter.

Get Twitter Follows

Be Public with your Replies

Replying to your audience is important and Twitter is one of the most interactive social media platforms out there.  We recommend always replying to replies from your tweets, be it good or bad, it helps to grow your brand.  Some users even look to the negative posts to see how you react to know if you’re a company worth working with, so reply with care.  However, one thing we notice with Twitter is a lot of confusion on replies.  For example, when replying, twitter automatically gives you this:

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.29.25 AM

When you should be replying like this:

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.31.48 AM


Did you notice the difference?  The period before the @ symbol is important as it makes the comment “public” in their feed.  See, if someone likes your company and likes the following person that the company is replying to then it’s no problem; the user will see the interaction between the two accounts.  However, if the user is following you and NOT the user you are interacting with, then they will not see the conversation at all, unless of course it is a retweet or they visit your page directly.  Putting a . period, or any information, before the @ symbol makes the post public in that anyone, friends with you or not, will more easily see the reply to the customer or company in their feed and see the healthy interaction between the two.  The reasoning behind this direct reply vs public reply is very much a cleaning up the feed so you don’t see several hundred conversations happening at once.  However, being more public with your replies helps to show your followers that you are transparent and honest with your audience.

Build Twitter Followers

Be Topical

“Left shark”, “what color is this dress”, “ice bucket challenge”.  These are all internet events that seemingly spiral out of nowhere and tend to be just fun distractions for people.  But, what if you could utilize this topical event to your benefit?  We believe you can, and you should.  Being topical makes your brand fun, and being fun makes your brand have more awareness when the topics are being thrown down.  A perfect example would be this:

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 10.02.01 AM


See, the tweet is from cars.com, obviously selling a car, but using the topical edge of “what color is this dress”, an event that “broke” the internet over the past weekend, and using it in a playful way to push their product while making a nod to current pop culture.  These types of tweets are highly interactive and usually follow retweets and can be pitted for several weeks in a row, if the topical post sticks.  Now, something else they’re doing to stay topical is Hashtags.

Increase Twitter Followers

Hashtags are important

What are hashtags? Well, if you don’t know by now they’re tagging tools in twitter, and now facebook and many other socials media sites, that make looking up related topics extremely easy.  The more custom or topical the hashtag, the better.  This means that when people search “#freefood” and you’re hosting a local event WITH free food and you tag appropriately, your post will pop right up.  Using Hashtags to your advantage is easy, and using them to push a brand identity is even better.  Here’s a great example:

These were popular viners tagging their comments with hashtags so if you searched it would pull up several sponsored videos by other popular viners.  This was an advertising strategy by HP to spread brand awareness to a younger demographic in a light-hearted and fun manner.  Do you think it succeeded?  Hashtag trends are important to show brand identity and share brand awareness.

Increase Twitter Traffic

Share links and important information multiple times

Now, one thing people do often, is fail to share important links of content multiple times throughout the day and week.  Just because you share a post once does not mean all of you followers see it at the same time.  Sharing a post multiple times increasing the chance that more followers and people will see it, in turn increasing exposure and awareness.  Now, one thing to keep in mind is the amount of sharing. Is it a blog post that’s relatively timeless that can be shared over and over? Then share once or twice a week or month, depending on your current tweeting levels. If you tweet 5-7 times a day, have this be tweet number 8 every other day until it’s no longer relevant or you have more current information for that slot.  One tip on this is to make sure the picture you share is as different as it can be each time.  Sharing the EXACT post over and over again IS bad, and ay cause people to unfollow you, but sharing things with photos, without photos, with different tweet titles, etc.  You more apt to bring in a different audience every time.

Broaden your twitter audience

Quality over Quantity

In the end it really is quality over quantity.  You can spend all day putting out generic marketing posts, but being topical, being interactive, and using correct tagging is what really grows your brand.  Just because you have something to say does not mean you should blast it out into the internet ether.  You should put more thought into it than “Hey we’re a business check us out!” it should be more “Hey here’s free value click on the link!”. THAT is more appealing to users and is more appealing to people wanting to follow your brand.

In the end it’s all about you and your company and how much you want to grow.  These are but a few ideas to get you started and we think that if you follow these tips you’ll be sure to have a larger twitter base in no time.

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